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Brian Griffith

Senior SAP Analyst Commercial Systems

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Phone (251) 623-0826
Address Houston, Texas



Senior SAP AnalystJuly 2013 - PresentJSW Steel (USA)
Baytown, TX

SAP Stuff

Lead SAP Analyst, Commercial SystemsJanuary 2013 - July 2013ThyssenKrupp Steel USA
Calvert, AL

Did more stuff

SAP Analyst, Commercial SystemsDecember 2008 - January 2013ThyssenKrupp Steel USA
Calvert, AL

Part of a team to develop and configure SAP for multi-billion-dollar greenfield project

Outbound Logistics

  • Redesigned the shipping process allowing it to be run semi automatically as a background job using standard SAP processes
  • Configured initial route master, route determination and route stages for sales documents
  • Configured shipment documents and shipment cost documents
  • Designed a new bill of lading resulting in an average of 25% reduction in number of pages
  • Designed automatic scrap process from obtaining weight using a scale interface to invoice generation using deliveries without order reference and custom tables
  • Designed and supported two interfaces using third party vehicle scheduling software
  • Supported warehousing interfaces on an on-call 24-hour rotation schedule
Order Entry – Variant Configuration
  • Modeled eight configurable products to be used with approximately 2000 grades
  • Developed dependencies, constraints and variant tables
  • Used ABAP to develop variant functions for complex procedures
  • Setup variant pricing
Order Dressing – Production Processing Parameters
  • Designed the process by which mill production parameters are assigned to a manufacturing order
  • Automatically runs on a daily basis and applies parameters to the order
  • Maintained 40 look up tables and developed a process and an object to allow users to maintain tables
  • Designed five formula packs to determine intermediate and final product parameters
Manufacturing Order
  • Supported the interface that generates manufacturing orders for sales orders
  • Joined data into a single IDoc from order entry and order dressing data
  • Wrote ABAP reports for master data, variant configuration and sales
  • Debugged and made appropriate changes to existing ABAP objects
  • Made adjustments to Smartforms
  • Searched, implemented and tested OSS notes

Application Developer IJune 2008 - November 2008BearingPoint, Inc.
Hattiesburg Global Development Center, Hattiesburg, MS

ABAP, .Net and Java

  • Developed web applications using JSP, Servlets, Oracle, XML, JavaScript and subversion
  • Developed a script in Perl to read XML files to seed an Oracle database
  • Designed and implemented database for account management, inventory and orders
  • Attended a nine-week core training course including over 50 hours of LMS training courses
  • Attended SAP ABAP peer driven training classes in the HR module
  • Converted Powerpoint slides to Adobe Captivate videos with voice over for inclusion into the LMS


University of South AlabamaFall 2007Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

SCM601SAP - Atlanta, GA

Process in Logistics Execution

  • Organizational units and master data in Logistics Execution
  • Mapping goods receipt and goods issue processes in SAP ERP (warehouse management, delivery processing, and transport)
  • Monitoring these processes in the warehouse activity monitor
  • Introduction to mobile data entry and cross docking
  • Overview of Handling Unit Management
  • Introduction to Task and Resource Management

SCM610SAP - King of Prussia, PA

Delivery Processing in SAP ERP

  • Idea and Function of the Delivery Document
  • Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process
  • Adjusting Automatic Determination of Relevant Fields for Outbound Delivery Creation
  • Adjusting Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
  • Picking Outbound Deliveries
  • Packing Materials
  • Handling Goods Issues
  • Using Special Functions in Deliveries
  • Transferring Stock Between Plants
  • Performing Goods Receipts Using Deliveries

SCM611SAP - King of Prussia, PA


  • Basics of transportation processing
  • Transportation control
  • Transportation planning and processing
  • Transportation monitoring and evaluation
  • Basics of shipment cost processing
  • Shipment cost calculation
  • Shipment cost settlement
  • Shipping costs within the sales process
  • Connecting express delivery companies

PLM145SAP - Virtual

Variant Configuration I: Modeling and Integration

  • Classification system tools: Overview & special features in variant configuration
  • Material masters, bill of material, and routings: Special features in variant configuration
  • Overview of the configuration profile and scenarios
  • Overview of types and use of dependencies: Prerequisites; selection conditions, (actions), procedures, constraints
  • Use of dependencies in bills of material and routings
  • Use of dependencies for the valuation interface
  • Overview of constraints
  • Pricing and variant configuration
  • Material variants (configured materials)
  • Configurable materials in sales and distribution
  • Configurable materials in planning
  • Configurable materials in production
  • Configurable materials in engineering and order change management

PLM146SAP - Virtual

Variant Configuration II: Additions and Scenarios

  • Control parameters in the configuration profile in detail
  • Additional information on constraints, variant tables, variant functions, and characteristic selection
  • Configuration scenario: planned/production order without and with BOM explosion, sales order (SET processing) and order BOMs
  • Preplanning and Variant Configuration
  • Overview of IPPE
  • Integrations of Variant Configuration
  • Tips on system performance
  • Other tools (API, ALE, user exits, analysis tool, data storage, comparison with IPC)

Implementation Experience

Blueprinting Workshops

Go-Live Support

Post Go-Live Support

Business Process AnalysisProcess improvement analysis
Business process reengineering
Efficiency analysis

DocumentationTechnical specification
Functional Specification
Functional/End user Education

Implementation Lifecycle Management

TestingStandard Implementation
Backward Integration Assurance

Third Party Bolt on Implementation


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Brian Griffith
Houston, Texas


(251) 623-0826